2022 SVM Celebration of Excellence Awards


On Saturday, April 23, students, faculty, staff, and friends gathered at Varsity Hall in Union South to celebrate the end of the academic year and recognize the efforts of the exceptional people who work and learn at UW School. of Veterinary Medicine.

The annual “Celebration of Excellence” event is made possible thanks to the generosity of numerous donors. Here are this year’s winners:

Faculty and Staff Awards

  • Professor Peter MacWilliams Pathology Resident Award – Dr. Angela Borchers (2nd year clinical pathology)
  • Zoe and Lexi Wells Small Animal Technician Award – Sarah Kennedy (special species); Brittany Yanda (CVT of Clinical Pathology)
  • Zoe and Lexi Wells Large Animal Technician Award – Amanda Anderson
  • Zoe and Lexi Wells Technologist of the Year Award – Nicole Birschbach (Radiology)
  • Zoe and Lexi Wells Resident Awards – Dr. Dylan Djani
  • Resident of the Year – Dr Gabriela Escalante (anaesthesiology) and Dr. Kari means (LA Surgery)
  • Razzy Peterka Large Animal Technician Award – Laura Allen and Jade Brico
  • Elliott Peterka Small Animal Technician Award – Sara Branon and Kim Sherman
  • School of Veterinary Medicine Instructor of the Year Award – Tina Wahl
  • Walter F. Renk Professor Emeritus Award – Dr Jyoti Watters
  • Zoetis Award for Excellence in Veterinary Research – Dr. Gillian McLellan
  • Zoetis Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award – Dr. Elizabeth Alvarez

Specialty Awards

  • Ronald D. Schultz Excellence Award in Immunology – Nikhila Bharadwaj
  • American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Certificate of Clinical Excellence Award – Kevin Malot and Minor Rashea (small animal), Melissa Helstein (big animal)
  • Michael Pronga
  • Equine Dentistry Prices – Casey Waite
  • Dueland Family Orthopedics Award – Brooke Lee
  • American College of Veterinary Radiology Award – Claire McCauley
  • American Academy of Veterinary Dermatology Award – Sarah Ann Stock
  • Kaytee Avian & Special Species Award of Excellence – Minor Rashea
  • Applied Animal Behavior Award – Zachary Meyers
  • School of Veterinary Medicine Oncology Award – Chuback grille
  • Veterinary Cancer Society Bob Rosenthal Senior Student Award – Sally Ploch
  • American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists Award – Claire McCauley
  • VECCS Award for Competence in Emergency and Critical Care – Colette Manley
  • Eberhard Rosin General Surgery Award – Kristine McMahon
  • American College of Veterinary Pathologists Award for Excellence in Veterinary Pathology – Chuback grille
  • Research Award for Students in Comparative Biosciences to Doctor of Veterinary Medicine – Yinyu (Regina) Yuan
  • School of Veterinary Medicine Student Research Award – Minor Rashea
  • Richard F. Marsh Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award – Dr. Emily Binversie and
  • Dechra Award for Excellence in Dermatology – Marissa Gibbs
  • Dechra Award for Excellence in Small Animal Internal Medicine – Bailey Pietsch
  • Dechra Award for Excellence in Equestrian Sports – Casey Waite
  • Zoetis Award for Excellence in Research by a Graduate Student – Portia Smith
  • Zoetis Award for Excellence in Home Agent Research – Showers from Dr. Annie
  • Zoetis Award for Research Excellence by Summer Researcher – Ariela Burk
  • Dr. William C. Campbell Excellence Award in Parasitology and Vector Biology – Dr. Ryan Larson

Big and small animals

  • American Animal Hospital Association Award for Primary Care Competence – Lake Jacob
  • American College of Veterinary Surgeons Foundation Student Surgical Proficiency Award – Rachel Taber (small animal) and Claire McCauley (big animal)
  • GenOvations Prize for Competence in Bovine Theriogenology – Leah Statz
  • ABS Global, Inc. Awards – Montana Lins
  • Equine Podiatry Awards – jonathan mason
  • Excellence in Equine Ambulatory Medicine Award – Casey Waite
  • Claire McCauley
  • Hill’s Pet Nutrition Excellence in Clinical Nutrition Award – Emily Altkorn
  • Nestlé Purina PetCare Nutrition Awards – Bailey Pietsch
  • Irongate Equine Award – Andrea Bell
  • Wisconsin Large Animal Emergency Response Award – Claire McCauley
  • John G. Evans Memorial Award – Jacklyn Greenspoon
  • Rock Valley Veterinary Medical Association Award – Alexis Cavanaugh

Humanities Prize

  • Olson & Severson Student Enrichment Samaritan Award – Sally Ploch and Kayla Piskorowski
  • Pet Services Memorial Award – Emily Weaver
  • Hannah Cole Remember and Honor the Bond Prize – Jeanette Cudney
  • Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association William J. O’Rourke Memorial Award – Luci Krenzke
  • Peter Bunn Award – Alexa Bertz
  • Carolee Cutting Schueller Memorial Award – Sally Ploch
  • Cathie Rauwald and Timothy Regan Memorial Awards – and Kaitlin Sweeney
  • Merck Animal Health Veterinary Student Innovation Award – Zachary Meyers
  • Josephine Walsh Award for Compassion in Animal Care – Christine Reichert
  • Morrie Waud Equine Excellence Award – Michelle Gotteiner
  • Morrie Waud Guardian Angel Award – Jordan Genovese

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