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The master plan for the proposed Legana Primary School was well received by local residents, but one aspect of the design was hailed as a health benefit for the entire region. The Legana Primary School site master plan includes a new two-surgery children’s dental clinic operated by Oral Health Services Tasmania. Liberal MP for Rosevears, Jo Palmer, said public dental services provided by the clinic would be available to all children, regardless of the school they attend, including preschoolers and older teens under the age of 17. READ MORE: LGH’s Colocation Health Services Still Under Review The proposed dental clinic will replace the mobile dental van located at Exeter Primary School and provide 3,000 dental appointments per year. Shahrukh Khan, a senior researcher at the University of Melbourne Dental School, received his doctorate in Tasmania and said the proposed dental clinic could potentially prepare children for better oral health for life. “The high cost of private dental care and the limited supply of public dental services in regional areas can be obstacles,” he said. “I think targeting kids when they’re in school is really important, it’s a way to break down those barriers and it can have a lifelong impact in terms of maintaining their oral health.” READ MORE: Parents disappointed with limited number at celebratory dinner Australian Tasmanian Dental Association President Girish Sasidharan said ADA welcomes proposed oral health clinic and may help improve dental health throughout the West Tamar region. “So in our experience it has been proven that if we start to focus on preventive dental care, it is probably the most sustainable way to provide good dental care to the whole population,” Dr Sasidharan said. “If you start early, that means it creates fewer dental problems in the future as they get older, and also gives them a good habit of seeing dental professionals regularly.” While dental care is free for children under 18, Dr Sasidharan said locating the primary school oral health clinic could help remove additional barriers for parents. “This is a great opportunity to use the free service, and if the kids get off to a good start, it means they will have fewer dental problems for the rest of their lives and spend less money on care.” dental care when they get older, ”he said. noted. The Community Dental Clinic is expected to open in 2024. What do you think? Send us a letter to the editor:



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