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  1. The City of Smithtown plans to make an effort to secure a path to improved sewage infrastructure in downtown Smithtown. The lack of sewers has stifled the potential for Smithtown Business District for decades, contributing to many vacant storefronts, the city said. (Smithtown crest)
  2. Intermediate adult ballet lessons in Ronkonkoma. These courses are intended for adults with prior ballet training and solid technique. Listen to wonderful classical music and enjoy the grace of classical ballet. The intermediate dancer can handle more complicated sequences, can perform barre exercises with more speed and precision, and must coordinate the movements of the arms and legs smoothly. (
  3. The rooms of hell is back in all its horrible Halloween glory. Recreational terror is a beloved Halloween staple for many, but Chambers of Hell, one of the top rated in the country Halloween haunts located here on Long island To 1745 Expressway Dr. North in Hauppauge, has a special knack for leaving clients unsure of whether what they are witnessing is a gruesome theater or the disturbing real deal. (Long Island Press)

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  • Sweetbriar Natural Center: “With so many babies to care for, opossum moms are sometimes separated from their young. One or two may fall onto her back and are unable to follow her during the nighttime foraging for food. These babies are still too young to be alone, so we’ll keep them for a few months until they’re big enough to fend for themselves. ” (Facebook)
  • SSPJ School: “Kindergarten students pretending to be a pajaro! Thank you God for creating the birds! ” (Facebook)
  • Smithtown Performing Arts Center: “Travel any Long Island country road in October and you’re sure to come across a farm stall overflowing with round pumpkins. But there’s only one place you can find a square pumpkin by the name. from Spookley who has an important message for all of us. ” (Facebook)

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