Carroll Ann Trotman named next Dean of the College of Dentistry


Ohio State University announced today that Carroll Ann Trotman, BDS, MA, MS, will be the next Dean of the College of Dentistry.

Trotman joined the State of Ohio after leaving Tufts University’s dental school, where she is associate dean for faculty development and chair of the department of orthodontics. Subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, his appointment for five years will take effect on August 15, 2021.

Trotman will build on the accomplishments of the college’s current dean, Patrick M. Lloyd, who announced in November that he would step down after his term ends in August. Throughout its decade of leadership, the College of Dentistry has continued to ascend as one of the nation’s outstanding dental schools.

“It is a great honor to serve the College of Dentistry as Dean, and I look forward to working with Dean Patrick Lloyd and my other colleagues as I prepare to join Ohio State,” said Trotman . “I am delighted to be a part of the President’s and President’s bold vision for college and university.

Trotman has extensive experience as an educator, clinician, researcher and academic leader focused on the integration of clinical education, patient care, didactic education and research. Throughout her career, she has also demonstrated her commitment to faculty development, diversity and inclusion, Executive Vice President and Rector Bruce A. McPhéron said in a statement announcing her appointment.

Specializing in the treatment and care of patients with cleft lip and palate, she is the principal investigator of two grants funded by the National Institutes of Health through her Facial Animation Lab. Using three-dimensional modeling of facial soft tissue, she has developed measurements that allow surgeons to more accurately assess facial soft tissue movements and ultimately tailor corrective surgeries to individual patient needs. More recently, this research has been extended to the evaluation of surgical outcomes in patients with facial paralysis.

Prior to joining Tufts, Trotman was Professor and Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. Previously, she taught at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry, as Acting Assistant Dean for the academyinternational affairs, then associate dean of graduate studies. She began her teaching career at the University of Michigan as an assistant professor of orthodontics.

Trotman is a diplomat with the American Board of Orthodontics, a member of the American College of Dentists and member of the American Board of Education. She is the author of over 60 peer-reviewed journal articles and has edited or contributed to nine books.

Trotman received it Bachelor of Dental Surgery graduated from the University of Dundee, Scotland, and her certificate in orthodontics and master’s degree in oral biology from Columbia University. She completed a fellowship in craniofacial anomalies at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. She received an MA in Clinical Research Design and Statistical Analysis from the Horace Rackham School of Graduate Studies at the University of Michigan.

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