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Dr. George W. Greco died of natural causes on Sunday, March 20, 2022, at the age of 89. George was born on March 27, 1932 to his parents Dominic and Laura Greco, originally from Pennsylvania. He was the first born, followed five years later by his brother William, “Bill”.

George grew up in the small Maryland town of Emmitsburg, a community of 1100 people. He attended St. Joseph’s High School, where he gave the farewell speech to a class of 26 students. After graduating in 1950, he lived at home and earned a bachelor of science degree at Mount St. Mary’s College, where his father was a faculty professor for 45 years. In 1953, he attended the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, where he graduated in 1957 with a degree in dentistry.

He then married his high school girlfriend, Frances E. Firor, in June 1957. In July 1957, they joined the US Air Force, in a military draft and Dr. Greco was accepted into an internship program a year in an army hospital. in Pennsylvania. It was in this hospital that Dr. Greco developed an interest in periodontology.

Dr. Greco was then assigned for three years to the Pentagon in Washington. Following this assignment, in 1963 he was selected for postgraduate training at the Ohio State School of Dentistry in Columbus, where he earned a master’s degree as a specialist in periodontology.

Over the next few years, the family moved to places such as Germany, Texas, California, Alaska and finally Andrews Air Force Base outside of Washington. Meanwhile, Frances and George had three loving children, Virginia-born Laura; Tony, born in Texas; and Michael, born in California.

In 1978 he retired from the Air Force as a Colonel in the Dental Corps. He accepted a professorship in the Department of Periodontology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Greco truly enjoyed the teaching and the opportunity to impact the lives of so many students. His life revolved around people. Her list of Christmas cards was a collection of friends, family, and co-workers ranging from high school to college, dental school to the Air Force, then to UNC.

Dr. Greco is survived by his wife, Dr. Sue Borgschulze; and his three wonderful children, Laura Greco, of Decatur, Georgia, Michael Greco, of Bothell, Washington, and Tony Greco and his wife Lisa of Carrboro, North Carolina; and his sister-in-law, Mary Lou Greco of Emmitsburg.

A memorial service will be held at Newman Catholic Parish of Chapel Hill, 218 Pittsboro St., on Saturday, May 14 at 10 a.m., followed by a reception at the Newman Center. Dr. Greco will be buried in Mount St. Mary’s Cemetery in his hometown of Emmitsburg.


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