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I grew up in Enugu. My father used to buy my siblings and me a book at the beginning of each week when I started learning to read at the age of six. When I was 11, I had read hundreds of books. Most of them were biographies of great people as well as encyclopedias. I have three siblings.


I studied dentistry at the University of Ibadan.


I have always loved music. Music is present in my family because my grandmother sang and danced. Also, my father’s brothers were drummers for the king in my village. When there was a coronation in my town, it was my uncles who drummed. My father is also a poet who wrote many poems.


My style of music is afro-rap. It is a mixture of African incantations from poetry and current mainstream music.


Money was the biggest challenge for me to break into the industry.

Another challenge I had was that I started music properly as a graduate, and I needed to learn more about rapping.


My boldest step was to start my career as a dentist. Some people say that because I’m a doctor, my life is already planned. However, I had to turn all that noise off and do what I had always wanted to do. I have made progress and I am grateful to have taken this step. I earn my own money, which I use to pay for studio sessions, promotion and other things in my music career.


My parents weren’t against my decision to become a rapper. They thought I had graduated (from college) and done something they were proud of (I could go ahead). However, they think music is a hobby for me and not a profession. They don’t know I took it seriously. An aunt once complained to my mother that I was dancing to instagram. My dad, who knew I was into music, was angry because she (aunt) didn’t complain to me (directly). He said if I make music, I should send it to a better group of people who would appreciate it.

Role models

My role model is someone who works really hard. I like Tiwa Savage because she works hard. I love Rihanna because she proved that we can be different things. I also like Jay-Z for the same reasons. I like Davido for his generosity; I admire Wizkid for his intellect, and I love Kanye West for his outspokenness and futuristic ideas.


My music has been streamed online by up to 50,000 people and it makes me money.


I have not been sexually harassed in the industry. Some people usually ask me to hang out with them, and I don’t think that’s harassment.


I am motivated by the fact that we only have one life, and I want to live fully. Also, I want to inspire other people to achieve their dreams.


My relationships with other artists are fair enough because I’m a loner. I don’t talk so much. However, if an artist has a concert, I will introduce myself. I also send them messages from time to time, and I comment on their publications.


As a dentist, I treat difficult clients with patience and understanding. I try to understand why they are difficult and react the way they do. I also approach problems with patience. I try to calm the situation.


I felt like giving up several times. Sometimes I wonder, what am I doing? For someone who has a reasonably good life, I wonder why I put myself in this situation. It is a situation of tears and laughter. I cry because I don’t know what else to do and I laugh because I put myself in this situation. However, I really don’t want to give up.


If I get the chance, I would love to play with artists like Kizz Daniel, Wizkid, Bella Shmurda, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Billie Eilish.


I’m making plans to maintain my name in the industry by continuing to reinvent myself. I will continue to get my message out to the world, collaborate with other people, and add value to my audience.


I released a total of eight songs. The first is, True, and it came out in 2018 when I started rapping. Before that, I released In Love with a Hustler, in 2015, when I had my first heartbreak. So far this is my highest earning song. Maybe it’s because of the emotions I put into the song. In 2019, I released Main Chic, which portrayed me as an intelligent yet sensual being. Others are Made Sense and Ogbon.


I save money so that my children can go to good schools and have a quality education. I will appreciate if the universe gives me the opportunity to raise geniuses. When I find someone who will be a good father, we will get married.


People may objectify me for posting sultry photos on social media. But, people objectify women, whether they’re all covered up or exposing their bodies. I’m not doing this to impress anyone or get attention. I am a profoundly artistic human being.


I once had a weird experience with a fan because of the kind of pictures I post on social media. Someone who needed my consultation (as a dentist) asked me to come to his hotel room. When I went with someone, he looked pissed. He asked why I was coming with someone because he wanted us to be alone. I don’t let that happen anymore because I always go with more than one person (for consultations).


Dentistry helps me serve people by sharing my knowledge of oral care habits and other lessons. If I quit dentistry and become a full-time artist, will that mean I quit dentistry? It’s a very thin line that I don’t want to cross yet.


I made a lot of sacrifices for my career. I had to break up with a guy because he didn’t see the need for me to make music. I didn’t blame him because he actually knew me as a dentist.

The second sacrifice was avoiding everyone who knew me as a dentist and proving to them that I could be a rapper. I had to cut down on communication with a lot of people who didn’t understand why I had to be a rapper.

Female artists

I don’t know why some female artists have been accused of not supporting their female colleagues. On my own, I tried with limited funds to support others. I host a show every Monday instagram to support rappers. I donate 20,000 naira to help them pay for studio recordings and promotion.


The part of my body that I cherish the most is my brain. I love my brain, and the fact that God put so much zeal, toughness and determination in me.


My dress style depends on the event. I use creative combination to have a different look. But when I go to work, I dress appropriately. I just like to be stylish.

My favorite fashion accessories are my gold chain, my wrist watch and my custom made gold teeth grills.

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