March Dental Surgery moves to Broad Street


When you enter the new premises of March Dental Surgery (now located in the heart of the city on Broad Street) you feel like you have arrived at an upscale boutique hotel rather than your standard dental practice.

“The building was so derelict before that meant we had to replace the roof, reinforce the floor and ceiling and completely gut the building,” said practice manager and dentist Dr Dipali Patel.

The March Dental Surgery Receptionist Team
– Credit: Ryan Jarvis

“Coordinating the move was difficult because, as a service provider to the NHS, we could not close during our move.

“We needed to continue to provide continuous service, which meant everyone worked harder to do so – including Saturdays and Sundays – but every member of the team wanted to help out and be part of it.”

After relocating four months ago and having since opened, the team have come together to create an atmosphere that contrasts with the clinical, sterile feel often associated with dental practices; the addition of hidden air fresheners also helps achieve this goal, as does the fact that the patient washrooms are equally luxurious.

Quirky “Smile Like That” signs and fun wildlife artwork lead to plush, comfortable and colorful chairs, all with the aim of adding a little fun and enjoyment to the traditional dental experience.

Simply put, the space is bright, light, and airy — and with a neutral color palette and fresh decor, it’s like going to the dentist without going to the dentist.

“We thought ‘let’s do it differently – something that’s never been done before’,” says Donna Winters, head of coaching.

Smile this way sign at the Dental March in Broad Street

Smile this way sign at the Dental March in Broad Street

When it came to choosing a theme for the interior, the team were inspired by the look and feel of their Cambridge location – but with a twist, and they are now looking to renovate their practice. Little port.

The overarching idea, however, was to link it to the natural heritage of the Fenlands and emulate it in practice “to feel more connected and connected to the community.

Other notable convenience features include the ability to display a patient’s records on large televisions in the treatment rooms, a digital x-ray room for taking pictures of the mouth, an overflow seating area, and an area larger for staff behind the scenes to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. .

Moving to a much larger space has also allowed the team to expand, opening up recruiting for the region.

Dr. Kishan Patel at March Dental Surgery

Dr. Kishan Patel at March Dental Surgery

The practice now has 30 employees, including 10 dentists and 4 hygienists, which is at least a third larger than before.

It has also enabled wider staff progression: “we are now able to offer our team further promotions in their careers, allowing them to take on more prominent roles, which we could not do before”, she added.

Due to the relatively small size of their old site on Darthill Road, the practice had to turn away patients – as they did not have the space to accommodate as many as they wanted.

“Dental practices are so thin on the ground, so it’s important for us to be able to see more patients and deliver services,” she said.

“Our books were overflowing; we fired people every day. So it’s good to be able to serve more people, when they usually have to travel to Cambridge and London.

The goal of attracting more people to the city center also influenced relocation, she said.

“March is a lovely town with a great community, so we want to do everything we can to support it.

“We think the busier the main street is, the better for everyone. Because while the patients are there, they are going to do a bit of shopping or go for a coffee.

One of the treatment rooms in the new home of March Dental Surgery

One of the treatment rooms in the new home of March Dental Surgery
– Credit: Ryan Jarvis

At each stage of the transformation, the team also made sure to use local contractors: Batchelor Carpenters Ltd as main contractor and carpenters, architect Matthew Hall of Morton & Hall, Simon Rutterford for the works earthworks and masonry, roofer John Wood, painter and decorator Steve Hudson, T & J Plastering, Spendelow Plumbing, Godden’s Carpets, MV Young Scaffolding, Saxon Electrical & Security, electrician Chris Moule, Scott Middlemass for windows, Intelli-cool for air conditioning/heating and AS It Solutions.

Practice Director Donna Winters said: “It was the vision and determination of Dr Amiras Chokshi, Director and Owner of March Dental, to put March on the map through dentistry that led to their big move.

“He is dedicated to the city and wants to help rejuvenate not only Main Street, but the smiles of its people.”

Part of the March Dental Surgery team

Part of the March Dental Surgery team
– Credit: Ryan Jarvis

The practice staff were equally enthusiastic about the move and now feel even more satisfied with their work: “I am very proud to work in our new, bright and modern practice,” said one staff member.

“It is much more fit for purpose and has given many of us exciting opportunities to grow in our roles and provide our patients with better service and care.”

Another said: “It’s such a nice environment to work in, with modern decor and state-of-the-art equipment.

“The practice is very well organized and we are like a big happy family, always ready to help each other and work as a team.”

Many patients who have already visited the new site have given rave reviews, with one saying they “love the new location and the new building”, adding that they were “very impressed with my experience with my dentist – she is attentive, caring and very patient -focused.”

One of the dentists at March Dental Surgery

One of the dentists at March Dental Surgery
– Credit: Ryan Jarvis

Another said: “Well what can I say? The dental practice in March is excellent.

“Always very pleasant and reassuring and offers a good level of service.

“The reception staff are very helpful and also give a good first impression”.

March Dental Surgery is now located at 24 Broad Street, PE15 8TG.

To make an appointment, call 01354 650013, visit or email: [email protected]


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