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A Small World Pediatric Dentistry founder Daniela Vasquez-Bolduc celebrates 15 years of practice, while balancing the most important job of all – being a mother.

The Scottsdale-based dentistry, located at 5533 E. Bell Road, Suite 115, since its inception in 2007 has built a reputation as a hub for family-oriented, patient-centered care for infants through adolescence .

“Fifteen seems like a big number, but it’s not been that many years,” says Vasquez-Bolduc, who has nearly 25 years of experience in the industry. “I never realized when I started how deeply rooted my career would be. I feel responsible for providing expert service that promotes quality oral health and delivers beautiful smiles. It has been my passion and my mission, and it is gratifying to see the impact we have on the community we serve.

A Small World provides professional, sensitive and accessible care for “every child as a member of (our) family,” according to its website. Its services cover preventive care, restorative dentistry, sedation and orthodontics. Free examinations for children up to 24 months, as well as free second opinion visits, are also available.

“We perform pediatric procedures with an emphasis on prevention,” says Vasquez-Bolduc, proud mother of her 8-year-old daughter. “We want to see the children as soon as they have milk teeth. Our goal is to be proactive in educating parents about oral health and get off to a good start with their child’s dental needs.

The practice strives to build long-term relationships with families, starting with the first visits until the child moves on to an adult dentist.

The most rewarding thing is watching them grow up and seeing them as adult teenagers,” says Vasquez-Bolduc.

For younger children, the first visit to the dentist doesn’t have to be scary. A Small World was designed with children “in mind”, giving off a “fun, kid-friendly atmosphere”.

It features colorful walls decorated with photos of smiling children and offers an abundance of toys, books, video games and televisions.

Many surgeries no longer belong to the doctor. A Small World is a small business run by Dr. Vasquez-Bolduc. The whole team has a strong culture of patient placement as the #1 priority.

Prospective clients are encouraged to schedule an appointment for a full practice visit. Visitors can learn more about A Small World’s services, treatment plans and comfort care.

Fight against misconceptions

A Small World’s name reflects its diverse clientele, Vasquez-Bolduc says, treating patients from South America, Canada, Europe, Japan and India, among other parts of the world. With such diversity, however, comes a range of opinions surrounding pediatric oral health, Vasquez says. Educating her clients about proper preventative care is a top priority, she adds.

There are so many different ideologies about dental care,” says Vasquez-Bolduc. “Some people think that because they have baby teeth they don’t have to take care of them, but that’s not the case.”

Caries is the biggest oral threat to pediatric dentistry, says Vasquez-Bolduc.

Children should visit the dentist no later than their first birthday.

Do not wait until the child is 3 or 4 years old. It doesn’t matter if they cry — we expect them to — we know how to help them and take care of their teeth from an early age,” says Vasquez-Bolduc.

It hurts my heart a little to see one of the little ones with cavities and there is no choice but to have complex dental work,” she continues.

Nurture happy smiles

Vasquez-Bolduc’s biggest piece of advice to parents is to make sure their kids brush their teeth at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, remembering to brush the top surface of their teeth. their tongue. Flossing at least once a day is also crucial, along with mouthwash to kill any cavity-causing bacteria that lingers between the teeth.

“I definitely believe in fluoride. We have seen that it works. I recommend it to all my patients to have a topical application while in the office,” says Vasquez-Bolduc. “We apply varnish and recommend using fluoride toothpaste at 1 year and mouthwash after 4 years – it’s one of the greatest things invented in dentistry.”

Vasquez-Bolduc also insists on the importance of a balanced diet, abstaining as much as possible from “extra-sweet treats”.

“We still see small children with lots of cavities, and exposure to sugar at an early age plays a big role – especially sugary liquids and its prolonged and frequent use,” she says.

Experience and expertise matter

Boasting memberships in the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, American Dental Association, Arizona Dental Association, Western Pediatric Association and International Association of Pediatric Dentistry, Vasquez-Bolduc says she n didn’t always know she wanted to be a dentist – but never doubted her desire to work with children.

“I knew I had always wanted to do something with children. I was babysitting with kids all the time,” says Vasquez-Bolduc.

The eldest of five children, she remembers wanting to pursue a career in medicine.

I guess I’ve never had any traumatic experiences with a dentist. … I wanted to get into the medical field – just something pushed me into dental school,” says Vasquez-Bolduc.

She received her dental degree from the Universidad Central de Venezuela and continued her training in pediatric dentistry at the University of Connecticut Health Center. After her residency, Vasquez-Bolduc became a clinical instructor for the Department of Pediatric Dentistry through a fellowship program, winning the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s Graduate Student Research Award.

She then packed her bags in 2004 to move to Scottsdale to work for a pediatric dental group.

I tried for a year as a general dentist, and every time I saw children, I said, “That’s what I like to do” — talk to them, put them at ease, explain to them what to expect, that’s natural for me,” she says.

It wasn’t long before she launched A Small World in 2007 – and hasn’t looked back since.

At the time, Arizona was exploding with many people and families moving there. It was a great opportunity as a pediatric dentist because there are a lot of patients,” she says.

Managing Mom’s Life

Professional accolades aside, Vasquez-Bolduc says her husband and daughter are her “blessings of life.”

As a working mother, however, balancing work life and motherhood involves sacrifice, making choices, and prioritizing what can be given up.

“As a working mom, you always think about timing and how I can get everything done in the day. Luckily, I have great support at home with my husband. We’re a strong team,” says Vasquez – Bolduc.

Having your own practice also extends flexibility in adapting your own schedule.

For the past few years, she has transitioned to working three full days in the office a week.

I always knew I wanted to be in my own practice and be able to do things in a way that would benefit the community as much as possible,” she says.

Vasquez-Bolduc says she looks forward to continuing to develop her practice.

A Small World recently brought in Logan Mariano as a part-time associate. He also added another operating room to accommodate his growing clientele.

“It’s definitely a cycle of life at A Small World. In the early years, I served so many newborns who are now graduating from high school,” says Vasquez-Bolduc, noting that she sees now several second-generation patients.” It’s the fun – it’s not a business at all. It’s a little practice. Being able to do both worlds – I love that.

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