Prince George children’s dentist fined and barred from sedation by regulatory college


A northern British Columbia pediatric dentist has been fined more than $40,000 and banned from sedating patients following a misconduct investigation after a seven-year-old patient was hospitalized years in 2019, said the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia (CDSBC).

The regulatory body published a public notice on its website Thursday detailing his investigation of Dr. Luc Magne.

He enrolled in college in 1986, is a board-certified specialist in pediatric dentistry, and was licensed to provide moderate sedation at the practice he owns and operates in Prince George.

On December 12, 2019, the college received notice from a hospital in Prince George that the child, who was being treated under sedation by Magne, had been admitted “following an incident” to Magne’s practice.

The next day, Magne provided the college with a critical incident report regarding the patient. The college said it also received a complaint about Magne from the child’s mother. No details have been released on the exact nature of the child’s treatment in hospital.

The college sent a team to inspect the Magne facility and said they discovered “significant issues, including concerns about patients entering a deeper level of sedation than Dr. Magne was authorized to provide”.

Magne has agreed to stop sedating all patients in his practice until the investigation is complete.

The college said a pediatric anesthesiologist reviewed 15 of Magne’s patient charts, “which identified other serious concerns regarding the sedation provided to these patients and the facility’s emergency preparedness,” according to the statement. college review.

Admitted misconduct

The college sought to issue a citation against Magne, who was due to have a disciplinary hearing in June this year, but this was overturned when he admitted misconduct and offered the college a resolution under the Professions Act of health.

The college listed several shortcomings, including not performing or recording required pre-sedation assessments, ensuring it had the necessary training, and not operating in accordance with CDSBC standards and guidelines for of sedation.

He also said Magne admitted to professional misconduct related to his facility, such as not having proper emergency medication and equipment and ensuring staff were properly qualified to assist with sedation and handle medical emergencies. .

As part of its disciplinary order dated March 30, 2022, the college declared that Magne was permanently prohibited from providing any level of sedation at any dental facility in the province and from acting as the operator or director of establishment, or any other non-hospital establishment. which provides sedation.

“This limitation of practice will appear on CDSBC Online Public Registry“, said the college.

Magne must also pay a fine of $40,000 and pay $2,000 for investigation costs.


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