The Untold Truth of Hellraiser Gossip


Like Pinhead and the other Cenobites, Chatterer was once a human before his metamorphosis into the demonic creature we meet. In his disturbing story, “Prayers for Desire” in Nicholas Vince’s “Hellraiser Anthology Volume 2”, it is revealed that Jim was raised in an abusive home as a victim of his father’s attacks. Before reaching adolescence, he seeks revenge and accuses his mother of murdering his father. As a result, the boy is placed in the care of an orphanage which considers him worthless and a burden on society.

Jim bonds with another orphan, Seth. At the age of 16, the couple began to prostitute themselves to survive. Jim struggles deeply with the trauma he endured as a child and continually prays to the love deity for the care he never received growing up. When a client asks what he yearns for the most, Jim admits this great desire, as well as the hope that he would be loved even if he was grotesque. The client then gives Jim a puzzle box and tells him that if he distributes boxes to others and serves the God of Pain and Desire, his dreams will come true.

Jim then abandons Seth and escapes from his pimp, who takes revenge on his lover by violently blinding Seth. Jim meets Seth again years later, when Seth is ordered to solve the Lament Setup by a representative from Hell. He fails and Seth ends up with the puzzle box unopened after revealing his complete hatred for Jim. As a result, Leviathan, the god of pain and desire, maims Jim and turns him into a Cenobite known as the Chatterer.


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